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Cancer is a collective term used for defining class of disease that affects cells of the body. Cells are termed as building blocks of the body. Normally, what happens, after certain point of time old cells of the body die and get replaced with new cells. Sometimes, this process gets disturbed and the situation becomes like this the new cells are growing even when not required and old cells are dying unnecessarily. Those extra new cells form mass on the particular parts of the body, known as tumor. These tumors are known as cancer. Cancer is given the name on the basis on which body part it originates.  For instance, if cancer starts from the lung or breast, it will be termed as lung or breast cancer respectively and so on. The cancer can affect people of any age group, though its risk increases with the age. Some of the alternative names of the cancer are neoplasms, malignancy, carcinoma and tumor.

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Cancers are commonly caused due to abnormalities of the transformed cells. These abnormalities may be the outcome of activities like smoking, excessive exposure to any chemical or infectious agent etc.

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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of the cancer totally depend upon the type of cancer and till which stage it has reached. The most common symptoms of all kind of cancers are bleeding, sudden onset of pain, unusual lumps, swelling, weight loss, fatigue, excessive sweating and many more.

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The prevention the cancer depends upon its cause. If it is caused due to lifestyle related or environmental related factors, it can be prevented easily otherwise it cannot be prevented.

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Radiation Therapy Modern Medicine

The therapy makes use of certain kind of energy for eliminating or shrinking cancer cells. The therapy damages DNA of the cancer cells, making it incapable of multiplying further. The radiation therapy is either performed alone or in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Modern Medicine

 In chemotherapy, drugs are used for killing the cancer cells. The chemotherapy often causes some side-effects in patients because unlike surgery, it affects the whole body. The chemotherapy is given either through intravenously or by pill. Alike surgery, it is also performed together with radiation or biological therapy.

Surgery Modern Medicine

Depending upon the type and stage of the cancer, the treatment is recommended. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy are considered as the four standard treatment of the cancer. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Surgery- Surgery is done to remove the tumors from specific body parts. The surgery is commonly performed in combination with the radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In some cases, the cancer has reached to such a stage that it becomes difficult to treat it. In such cases, palliative surgery is performed to lessen the pain. An important fact is that the palliative surgery only lessens discomfort does not treat the cancer.

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