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Breast Cancer


The tumor occurs when cells developed in an abnormal ratio. When tumor becomes malignant in nature, it is termed as cancer. When abnormal growth of cells rake place in the breast, it leads to breast cancer. Breast cancer is counted among one of the most common kind of cancer that affect majority of women today. Statistically, it has been proved that after lung cancer, it is considered as one condition that causes number of deaths. The common misconception is that it affects women only. However, the fact is other way round. Figures show the fact that in the every 100 females, 1 male is diagnosed with breast cancer. Another noteworthy fact is that the condition does not signify one particular category of disease; different kinds of cancer are found in breast that collectively termed as breast cancer.  

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The precise cause of the cancer is yet unknown. However, it is believed that many conditions collectively lead to the breast cancer. Some of the causes are described below:

  • Risk of breast cancer increases with the age.
  • Family history of breast increases the risk in next generations.
  • Early menopause and early onset of menses also leads to breast cancer
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or radioactive rays also increases the risk of the cancer.

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Signs & Symptoms

    The main symptoms of the cancer are described below:

  • Discharge of liquid from the nipples
  • Thickening or appearance of lump in the breast area
  • Dimpling in the skin
  • Presence of lumps or swelling in the armpits or breast
  • Changing shape of the nipples

It is important to disclose that the cancer remains undiagnosed for numerous years in women due to the fact that symptoms appear at later stages.

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Breast cancer can be prevented by following these activities:

  • Eating balanced diet low in carbohydrates
  • Less intake of alcohol
  • Doing regular exercise
  • Avoiding stress
  • Going for regular check-ups like mammogram

Although, these steps may look simple, these are the most effective ways of preventing the breast cancer.  

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Mammography Diagnosis


Mastectomy Modern Medicine

Breast gets treated easily and quickly if the condition is diagnosed at an early stage. Depending upon the fact that how much malignant cancer has spread, treatment is decided by health experts. The most common ways of treating breast cancer are:

  • Surgery- Surgery is performed for removing the malign lump. In the surgery, either whole breast is removed or the area where lump is prominent is removed. Some of the surgeries that are performed for treating breast cancer are lumpectomy, breast sparing surgery, mastectomy, etc.
Radiotherapy Modern Medicine

Radiotherapy- Radiotherapy helps in destroying the malign tissues present around the affected area. In radiotherapy, radiations are used for killing the dead cells.
Chemotherapy- In chemotherapy, drugs are given for killing the cells. Drugs are commonly injected in the body in combination with other medicine.

Hormonal Therapy Modern Medicine

Hormonal Therapy- In hormonal therapy, attempts are made to stop the growth of those hormones that increase the growth of the cells.

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