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Bone Tumors


Bone tumor is a condition that is characterized by abnormal growth of the cells within the bone. Bone tumours can be malignant or noncancerous. Bone tumor spreads in the body at a fast pace because it is referred as a growing tumor. And undeniable fact is that growing tumor replaces healthy tissue with the abnormal tissue at a very fast pace. They are further divided into two categories- primary and secondary tumors. Primary tumors are tumors that originate in the bone such as osteosarcoma, cyst, multiple myeloma, etc. Secondary tumors are tumors that spread in other organs of the body like lung, breast, prostate, etc. Tumor-bone is the alternative name of the condition.

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Although, the exact of the tumor is unknown, trauma, radiation, inherited genetic mutations are considered as possible causes of bone tumors.

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Signs & Symptoms

Pain in that area where tumor has occurred is the main symptom of the bone tumor. There are chances that pain may get worse when any sort of activity is performed by the affected person. Other symptoms of the condition are weakening of the bones due to which they become fragile and more prone to fractures. Some patients experience fever and night sweats also. However, it does happen that apart from a painless mass, many people do not experience any kind of symptom.

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No prevention exists for bone tumor.

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Bone Densitometry Diagnosis


Surgery & Raditation therapy Modern Medicine

Depending upon the type of tumor, treatment varies. For instance, if the tumor is benign tumor, then no treatment is required. Constant monitoring is required just to check whether the tumor is growing or shrinking. Medications are also given by professionals to treat the benign tumor in case if requires.

On the other hand if a person is infected from malignant tumor, the he will be given treatment with the aim of curing the cancer in addition to preserving the normal functioning of the body. Treatment of malignant cancer depends upon the few facts like stage of the cancer, age of the patient, his medical history, etc. In most of the cases, surgery is required for removing the tumor. Radiation therapy in combination with other therapy like hormone therapy or chemotherapy is most commonly used.

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