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Basal Cell Cancer


Basal cell cancer is a kind of skin cancer that occurs when skin gets damaged due to excessive sun exposure. The cancer commonly occurs on the face as it is one of the most exposed body parts. The cancer grows at a slow pace and invades neighbouring tissues of the eye, etc. It is necessary to treat the condition otherwise it goes deep into the skin and causes harm to great extent to the skin. Another important fact is that the fair-skinned person, blue or green eyed person, etc. are more towards this kind of cancer. The cancer mostly affects people over the age of 40 years. Alternative names of the disease are rodent ulcer, cancer-skin-basal cell, skin cancer-basal cell and basal cell carcinoma.

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The main causes of basal cell carcinoma are repeated and excessive exposure to sun results in skin damage that eventually results in cancer. This basal cell cancer is counted as one of the most common skin cancers in the U.S. As per the study of American Cancer society, 75% of skin cancer comes under basal cell carcinomas.

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Signs & Symptoms

The skin under the condition looks somewhat different from the normal skin. Some of the common symptoms of the basal cell cancer are:

  • Raising of the skin
  • Skin sores
  • Crusting or oozing spots in a sore
  • Irregular blood vessels around the spot
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Reducing sun exposure is one of the best ways of preventing the basal cell cancer.  And do not forget to apply sunscreen of minimum SPF 15 before stepping out in the skin. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before for gaining its maximum advantages.  

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Electrodessication Modern Medicine

Depending upon the depth, location and size of the cancer, the treatment varies. The cancer is removed by following one or other procedures:

  • Excision cuts are to take out the tumor.
  • Electrodessication and curettage is made to scrape the cancer and kill the remaining cancer cells through electricity.
  • A surgery known as Mohs surgery is performed.
  • Radiation is also used in some cases
  • In some cases, medications and skin creams are used to treat the condition.
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